Street art from election waste in Rio de Janeiro

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Mundano’s “Lixeira Eleitoral” (“Election Waste”) installation in Rio di Janeiro’s bustling Largo da Carioca neighborhood. Photo: Mundano Yesterday, while our staff finished last-minute preparations for TEDGlobal 2014, a kind of hush fell over the streets of Rio de Janeiro…


X-Deal : Or How I Got The Book I Wanted

Strange Skins

I realized that I have been spending way too much money on books. I think it’s an addiction. Anyway, I thought to myself: why not exchange original art for books that I’ve always wanted to get but were a bit too pricey for me to buy.

Well, when Augie Rivera, author of “Isang Harding Papel” (the book I Illustrated) offered to buy one of my original painted studies for the book, I jumped at the chance. I requested for this particular book – The Philippines in the 19th Century (a collection of prints) by Rudolf J.H. Leitz.

The Philippines in the 19th Century

The book is beautifully illustrated and the captions provide small glimpses into Philippine society during the colonial period.

The Philippines in the 19th Century

The Philippines in the 19th Century

The Philippines in the 19th Century

The Philippines in the 19th Century

The Philippines in the 19th Century

Now, if I can only get someone to buy me The X-Men Omnibus volumes by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee

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India’s Biggest Sale! or Sales?

This Is What I Am

From newspapers to each and every social media platform available. The buzz is about ‘Flipkart – The Big Billion Day’ on 6 th of October, starting from from 8 am.


What caught my attention was the claim of done by Flipkart for India’s Biggest Sale! Thus, with the help of few chrome extensions & other reference. I actually found out that it was never an actually a sale! It’s all that pricing strategy done by brands to show that ‘discounted 50% off sticker’ on their bottom right corner.

The biggest of all which I found was the Soch Sari.

Pricing recorded before Sale. Pricing recorded before Sale.

Whereas the actual product can be found at

60% Off? 60% Off?

Not only this, These are different prize hike recorded in each category.

Fashion & Clothing



Price Hike all of a sudden? Price Hike all of a sudden?

Thus, these are few to follow up & many more ‘billions’ product listed to be…

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7 things learned from a day spent watching TEDxCERN

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Wednesday marked the second-ever TEDxCERN, the event organized by the folks at CERN, the famed particle physics research center in Geneva, Switzerland, responsible for bringing us the World Wide Web, the Large Hadron Collider, and…

Advertisements Launches Code Studio, A Toolset And Curriculum For Teaching Kids Programming

Fantastic! Anyone remembers learning LOGO? Advertisements