If only you could find the most beautiful things in the world and share it with everyone. But then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and everything created by God almighty is beautiful. I wish everyone could see the beautiful things I see each day.

Some days you wake up thinking what are you here for, what is you purpose, what is that one amazing dream of your life for which you can leave everything, something that makes you go mad, something that makes you excited and makes you want to dance, jump with joy, tell your friends, see that smile on your parents face, what is it? And some days you have it all chalked out, you are ready, you know the secrets of the world, you know how to deal with people and enemies, you have your list and you are ready to fight. And, some days are just plain simple dull.

I see some of the most amazing works of art, design anything you name it on tumblr and flickr these days. All I have to do is type lamps, doors, windows, sky, and corridor. Just a random word and you see what others see through their eyes.  Recently I typed corridors and was amazed at all the beautiful shots clicked by people. Something as vague as a corridor and the new flickr feed makes it look all the more beautiful. Sharing a few of my favorite ones here with you all:

One can think of stories behind each photograph. I was mentally thinking of some when I was going through them myself a couple of hours back. It’s funny, you don’t know the people who clicked it, why they clicked it and shared it. But you saw it, it made you think. Like for example you stumble upon this very blog post, what were you thinking, what made you stop and read, what made you type the tag that you typed, when all of us are in such a rush. I’ll be truthful here sometimes even I don’t read the whole post and just skim through. Sometimes I’m in such a hurry that I just see the pictures and leave, sometimes I bookmark the page and think of coming back again but what do I do ultimately. Once a year when you are really free and think of cleaning up the bookmarks list, is when you actually might see it again, sit and read or it goes back in the “see you in the future” list. How many times do you go back to the tweets that you favorite? There is so much new data that is uploaded out there every day, that one does not know what to read and what not to read. There is so much redundant data out there, that the thought itself scares me. There is a new trend each day which lives for a couple of hours and then dies; you are lucky if the trend carries on for days. Creating a Tipping point is not that simple anymore. The thought might scare you that what if you can’t think of anything new anymore and what if you are out of all the good ideas or are they already taken. That thought scares me every day.

Coming back to the stories on the corridors and one more thing, these were randomly taken from the internet; they could be of a church, an institute or some picked up because they were simply beautiful.


The first one here is this plain drab corridor, someone comes here every day and knows the place by heart, from the position of the chair, to the smell of the room to the color of the paint on the wall and also the brightness of the light in the room. Waiting is now a habit for this person who comes here every day. If the news that will follow will be good the wait was worth it, if the news will not be good, the wait will be termed as a waste of time, the person not realizing that he learnt how to be patient all this while and a good observer.




A hiding place for many for we don’t know how many years. A place to sit and think, a place to forget everything and just go to sleep, your mom knows where to find you but still you wake up before her because the light hits your face before anyone else in the whole town.



While travelling you sort of catch a glimpse of this one and decide to come the next day, without your phone.  Hire a Gondola and it’s you, the water and these old buildings, you sail past.


Okay, this is a famous corridor and a lovely one indeed so had to be shared. Taj Mahal has a beautiful story, so I’ll share that one instead. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It has been a part of the Wonders of the World list several times and is also a part of the New Seven Wonders list. It is a wonderful work of art . It is also said that Shah Jahan got the hands of the workers cut, nearly 20,000 workers, so that they could not make something like this again.




My favorite kind, I just love it when the trees make a little cover for you above your head. It is just amazing. You have your shoes on and you can walk for miles and miles without noticing the difference. You want to just camp in the woods at the end of the day.



With this particular picture, the first thought that came to my mind was to sit on one of the steps barefoot. It also reminded me of the Vaishno Mata cave in India. Here, there is about one foot space to walk but it is said that the fattest person in the world can walk through. The best part is ice cold water is running down below. So you actually need to make way to walk through plus in cold, cold water. There is always a rush, so you can’t stop. The whole time you could be jumping, but once you are out you want to go back in.




Sharing a few, just because they were so amazing:




Perfectly captured “vanishing point”. 


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