India’s Biggest Sale! or Sales?

This Is What I Am

From newspapers to each and every social media platform available. The buzz is about ‘Flipkart – The Big Billion Day’ on 6 th of October, starting from from 8 am.


What caught my attention was the claim of done by Flipkart for India’s Biggest Sale! Thus, with the help of few chrome extensions & other reference. I actually found out that it was never an actually a sale! It’s all that pricing strategy done by brands to show that ‘discounted 50% off sticker’ on their bottom right corner.

The biggest of all which I found was the Soch Sari.

Pricing recorded before Sale. Pricing recorded before Sale.

Whereas the actual product can be found at

60% Off? 60% Off?

Not only this, These are different prize hike recorded in each category.

Fashion & Clothing



Price Hike all of a sudden? Price Hike all of a sudden?

Thus, these are few to follow up & many more ‘billions’ product listed to be…

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